Personal Trainer in Victoria Talks about the purpose of journaling

​I encourage all my clients to keep a journal when they start training with me.  Although it's always an uphill battle, I've seen that any time a person journalizes their chances of succeeding increase by 50-80%.  The reason journaling is so effective is because it helps you be honest with yourself on a daily basis so you can clearly see why you are reaching, or not reaching your goals.


I found an interesting article on Discover Good  which outlined some of the key points on why athletes keep a fitness journal.  Here's what stood out for me

  1. helps them stay accountable to their training regimen
  2. assists coaches and trainers with injury prevention
  3. monitors progress
  4. helps athletes and their coachs reflect and research factors that are contributing to success or failure

Clients training with me get access to an incredible online journaling tool they can utilize on their computer or mobile.  There are two basic to journalize on my system.  Either way is acceptable as long as you are doing it!  Here's an example of how one of the uses the journal for nutrition:


The basic way:


The advanced way:


In the past 7 years, over 100 people who have followed my program have successfully changed their lives.  I'd love to help you do the same.  Fill out the form below and get started as early as next week!

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