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Victoria Stage Prep

Competing is a great reward for working so hard during the off season. However, without the right preparation your chances of success are limited, and so using the help of a professional competition preparation coach is essential. Victoria personal trainer Shannon Delves has experienced success at the professional level both as a competitor and as a coach, and her combination of knowledge and experience will have you on the path to success in no time.

Initial Assessment

During this informative session, Shannon will discuss your fitness goals and expectations. Customizing your profile involves knowledge of your medical history and lifestyle. She will also record an overall body evaluation including your weight, measurements and pictures. Finally, we can schedule your next assessment and begin with your preparation for training.


Occuring as often as every two weeks, these meetings serve to monitor your progress and allow for any necessary nutrition plan or workout adjustments.

Diet/Supplement Plan

Based on your re-assessment results, a custom nutrition guide will be created to fit your training needs and schedule. Depending on the particulars of the plan, it will help you to build muscle, maintain an ideal weight or loose body fat. A proper diet is key to any training regimen.

Workout/Cardio Plan

Your training plan will be symmetrical, balanced and developed according to your individual strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, it will allow you to obtain a contest-ready physique.


Posing and stage presence is key to any competition. As a previous competitor, Shannon will provide you with the tools necessary to edge the judges in your favour using effective posing and stage presence techniques. Drop-in rates are available for any competitor, no matter what style. Body builders will work on relaxed and outlining poses. Modelling or figure competitors will focus on quarter or half turns, t-walks and overall stage etiquette. This will give you the confidence of a seasoned competitor. We also offer individual one-on-one sessions at competitive rates. Posing instruction can be given online as well!

Peak Week Out Plan

The critical week before your competition can make or break your chances. To ensure you are in peak condition on contest day, a proper nutrition and manipulation guide is necessary. Carb loading/depleting and other essential pre-contest techniques are covered during this time. Shannon will be there to help you with any problems along the way.

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